Welcome to the business center of the modern world business of Mahd Chehraz.

This business center was established with the idea of ​​connecting the fields of industry, trade, economics and management with the collective efforts of businessmen, industry owners and experienced professionals.
Relying on the experience of its members, this center started its activity in the field of trade affairs of import and export of industrial products and in a short period of time succeeded in becoming a reliable consultant and executor of large and small industries in the field of trade.

Modern World Trade Center of Mahd Chehraz with a new approach and with the goal of opening new horizons in the field of export of domestic products, facilitating the import of raw materials and production equipment of factories and providing safe and short-term investment plans for the first time in Iran, Dear traders, merchants, factory managers, industrialists and investors have come to your aid.

For the first time in Iran, this center is proud to present high-yield investment plans based on specialized economic analysis and detailed analysis of various conditions affecting the commodity market. With customer satisfaction, investment security, active support, zero to one hundred execution of all exports and imports of goods in the shortest time and at the most appropriate price, as well as providing smart and innovative investment solutions, the modern world business center of Mahd Chehraz.
It has become a well-known hub in the field of modern and knowledge-based business, and we hope to be able to play an effective role with you in the growth and prosperity of our beloved country Iran.

Why the business center of the modern world of Mahd Chehraz business?

Safe trade:

Don’t worry about your goods and capital with our services. We specialize in providing export solutionsj and safe investment in the field of export.

Active support:

We are always by your side with the guarantee of investment and active support for the export of your products and goods.

Reasonable cost:

Providing all educational and consulting services in the field of export at the most appropriate cost.

Minimum time:

Protecting your time as the most important factor in business and commerce, doing all the training, consulting and export.

New solutions:

Use the advice of skilled and experienced experts to experience a safe and profitable business. Presenting innovative short-term and long-term investment plans for the first time in Iran


Modern World Trade Company of Mahd Chehraz with many years of brilliant experience in the field of import, export, clearance of goods as well as domestic and foreign trade services in all customs of the country with experienced staff in the field of trade, to provide the best commercial services at your service. Is dear. It should be noted that all business services are provided by providing economic code, value added certificate and official sales invoice. Contact us for any advice and purchase of goods



Providing import services from zero to one hundred with Modern World Trade Company of Mahd Chehraz



Performing export services and consulting in this field by the Modern World Trade Company of Mahd Chehraz with years of experience in the field of exporting goods



Providing clearance services from all domestic customs by the modern world trading company of Mahd Chehraz Trading as an official customs clearance with many years of brilliant experience in the field of customs clearance services